Slate Tile Roof

Slate tile roofs can dramatically improve the style and appearance of your home giving your home an elegant appearance. Slate tile roofs provide a luxurious look and provide excellent curb appeal. Slate roofs provide durability that many other simply cannot offer. Because of their durability, they can literally last a lifetime without replacement.


Slate Tile Roofs Elmhurst, IL

Slate tiles come in a variety of different colors and styles offering you the ability to?match your home’s other exterior features and give you the look you desire. As part of our commitment to you, our team can help you customize your homes appearance to help you coordinate the right color combinations, giving your home the best look possible. Our team provides you with the highest quality materials to make your investment last.

Additionally, we provide TruSlate roofing tiles which provide additional cost savings. Because most slate tiles require an 8 inch overlap, TruSlate tiles only require a 4 inch overlap. This difference in overlapping size, saves you time and money when installing your new roof. At Spencer Roofs Inc., we can help you get the highest quality roof for your home. Additionally, when you get a slate roof from us, you get a reliable and transferable warranty which help increases your homes resale value.

If you are looking for a slate tile roof, contact us and give us a call today. We will give you an honest estimate at an affordable price. So call us now, you will be glad you did.

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